Friday, February 24, 2012

An Snowy/Windy Update

It has been awhile since my last update.. I thought I would be better at this whole blogging but I guess I need some work with it. What a crazy 2 months it has been. Just when I think I am all unpacked and organized I find something else that needs to be moved or organized more. But that is me, I like to reorganize things often and find new homes for things.
I have quickly gotten adjusted to my surroundings, I have found Target and the Mall. What more does a girl need besides those 2 things :)
I miss my family and friends greatly but am quickly making new friends and hoping to keep making more.
I start a new job on Monday and couldn't be any more excited for it.
Cris and I have gone to a few Blackhawk Hockey Games which I enjoy greatly and hope to make it to a few more before the end of the season..It is just an adrenaline rush and never thought I would enjoy the sport.
We have gotten a few snow storms and no one could prepare more for the "Lake Effect" I am hoping that we are done with the snow until next winter.. Everyone has told me that this has been a mild winter for the area and I like to think it is cause I am here now. I am looking forward to the warmer weather and spending weekends at the beach-- Indiana Dunes Beach off of Lake Michigan. It is gorgeous up there with white sands and clear water. The water isn't the warmest but if if it a place where I can get some tan, relax and take a few dips then I am good to go!!

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